10 years before the Kaveri 5th Stage Drinking Water Project Expires

10 years before the Kaveri 5th Stage Drinking Water Project Expires

Bangalore (May 14): The Kaveri 5th Stage Drinking Water Project for the state capital can only be supplied with water from 2030 until 2030, unless another new project is undertaken. For the past 48 years, the government has been implementing various schemes to provide water to the people of Bengaluru, the country’s 3rd largest city. As of the 2011 census, 85 lakh people in the city, Drinking Water, was sufficient to supply the current daily supply of 1,450 million liters. The same amount of water is still being supplied. Thus, an estimated 3.5 lakh families in the city’s 110 village areas are without water.

Experts warn about water problem

Drinking water should not be a problem for the capital till 2040, according to a 2015 master plan by the Bangalore Development Authority. Experts have warned that the water of this project will only go up by 2030.

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Report to the Government by the Committee

The government has constituted a committee to formulate drinking water projects and report on water levels from all river water sources in the state. The committee, in its report to the government in 2016, outlined the Kaveri 5th Phase Scheme, Mekedadatu, Sharavathi Backwaters, Krishna and Oovinahole. 775 MLD (10 TMC) of water from the Kaveri 5th stage project is being funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The water will be available to 110 villages in the first quarter of 2023.

Water supply project expires over a decade ago

It is estimated that the population of the city will increase to 85 lakh during 2011, in line with the 2015 Master Plan, which was created in 2007 by the Bangalore Development Authority. It is projected to reach 1.05 crore by 2021 and 1.40 crore by 2031.

However, the fastest growing metropolitan city continues to attract more and more people every day as an education center, home to information and biotechnology, home to many multinational companies, and a sophisticated health care center. Therefore, the estimated population for 2031 has reached 2021. Due to these reasons, the water supply scheme will be completed before the end of the decade, water authorities said.

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A new plan is essential for 2030

1,450 MLD of water will be supplied daily for 10.5 lakh water connections in the city, which will need a new plan by 2030. 775 MLD of water will be distributed to 3.5 lakh families from Kaveri 5th level to completion by 2023. This will increase the water supply capacity to 2,225 million lb by the end of 2023. But by 2025, the city’s population will need 1,800 MLD of water. The remaining 450 MLD of water will need to be used by 2030. Thus, the government needs to wake up and create a new plan.

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