14-year-old girl brutally abused by couple in Gurugram Pipa News


14-year-old girl brutally abused by couple in Gurugram

Gurugram: In Haryana’s Gurugram, a well-educated couple has brought shame to humanity by mistreating a 14-year-old minor girl. After bringing the girl to their house for housework, the couple abused her unwillingly. A 14-year-old girl was employed as a housekeeper in a house in New Colony, Gurugram. But the girl was tortured for many months without food and water. The girl was rescued safely after receiving information from the Stop Crisis Center (Sakhi) of the police. At that time, injuries were visible on her hands, feet and mouth. The girl was so frightened by the abuse of the couple that she could not even speak.

The girl was beaten and slapped daily

After seeing the condition of the girl, the police immediately admitted her to the hospital. She is now undergoing treatment. The police have registered a case against the murderous couple on the complaint of Sakhi Centre. Sakhi Center in-charge Pinky Malik said that they received a tip-off that a minor girl was being molested in a house in New Colony. This girl was hired to look after the house. This girl is a resident of Ranchi in Jharkhand. This couple was forcing her to do housework. Information has come out from the investigation that she was beaten daily and also hit with hot tongs.

No food, no sleep at night

The accused couple tortured the girl and did not even give her food on time. Also she is not allowed to sleep through the night. Sakhi’s team raided New Colony on Tuesday and rescued the girl. At that time, injuries were seen on the girl’s face. The body was seen to have been hit. Along with that, swelling was also seen on her hands and feet due to beatings.

The photo went viral on Twitter

A Twitter account named Deepika Bhardwaj has uploaded the photos of the victim girl concerned. This girl’s condition is so terrible that they don’t see the photos. Bhardwaj wrote in a tweet that Shikle Sawarlele couple was doing an act that shames humanity with this girl. There is no part of the body left where the wounds of the beating are not visible. This girl had to eat food thrown away. I did not see the condition of this girl, so I reported it to the Sakhi Centre.

A case has been registered against the accused couple Manish and Kamaljit. Both work in the corporate sector. He has now been arrested. Also, Bhardwaj has appealed that everyone should cooperate in giving justice to this girl.