140th historic horse race at gym khana field, jorhat – News18 Assam Pipa News

140th historic horse race at gym khana field, jorhat – News18 Assam

Jorhat, March 3: Every year, this time around Jorhat Club Road Gymkhanat, Ghora Tour competition is being held.

This tour has been held every year since 1877. The main attractions of this day’s events are Kar Reli, Dog Shaw and Reach Ball Live Band and Dance. Also, I will compete for the honorable governor’s cup in the participating schools.

Another tough tournament among the region’s old sports rivals. The competition was started in 1877 under the first club secretary Chi Swawar.

These tournaments were started with the aim of showcasing equestrian skills to entertain people of all levels. Of course, in the British world, behind the Erie Joa, matching cheeses and ghoras were becoming more and more popular.

Strong enough to mount this swivel mount and seat. As a result, this tour becomes more exciting. There will be many thrilling contests in this competition to be held after Friday. 140 number of Jorhat Ghora rounds will be held today after Deobar i.e. 5 March.

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