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150 million dollar loan from World Bank to Punjab

The World Bank approved a loan of $150 million for development work in Punjab. Through this loan, work will be done to improve public amenities in Punjab. Government of Punjab is working to increase the capacity of different government departments. We are providing this fund to promote sustainable development in Punjab, said the World Bank.

So far the state of Punjab has developed below its potential. We are supporting the development work of Punjab through this project. “We are pleased to have the World Bank as a partner in Punjab’s efforts to deliver timely, cost-effective and quality public services,” the World Bank said in a statement.

Through the funds received, work will be done in two phases in Punjab. In the first phase, municipalities will be encouraged to improve the delivery process and increase the coverage of public services in Punjab. Also efforts will be made to provide full time water supply to selected areas in cities like Amritsar and Ludhiana. With the help of this fund, improvements will be made in the water distribution system such as water leakage.