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151 people died due to heavy rains and floods in Afghanistan

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Heavy rains and floods wreak havoc in Afghanistan. As a result of which 151 people have been reported dead so far. After the massive loss of life and property, the United Nations appealed for help from the international community, while Pakistan expressed regret over the loss of life and property. At least 151 people have died in Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan province due to floods following heavy rains on Friday, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Interior said. He expressed fear of an increase in the death toll. Ministry spokesman Abdul Matin Kani told the media that more than five districts were flooded after heavy rains in Baghlan and some families were trapped. Those who need immediate help. He added that two severe storms are predicted for Friday night. He said the Ministry of Interior sent teams and helicopters to the area, but the operation would not be successful due to the lack of night vision lights on the helicopters. On the other hand, Pakistan expressed its condolences to Afghanistan for the loss of life due to the flood.

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