200 crore fraud case: Center admits that Sukesh Chandrashekhar called some judges of Supreme Court by becoming a senior judge!

Sukesh Chandrashekhar became a senior judge and called up some judges of the SC!

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Mastermind Sukesh Chandrashekhar, imprisoned in Tihar Jail on charges of cheating of 200 crores, made phone calls to some judges of the Supreme Court by becoming a senior judge!

The Central Government has admitted that Tihar Jail (Tihar JailMastermind imprisoned for cheating 200 crores in Sukesh Chandrashekhar ,Sukesh Chandrashekhar) became a senior judge of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court) had made phone calls to some of the judges! Sukesh Chandrashekhar wanted to get the verdict written in his favor by pressurizing him through a phone call! It is noteworthy that Mahathag Sukesh Chandrashekhar is lodged in Delhi jail along with his wife. He is accused of cheating people of about Rs 200 crore by becoming a government officer. On the other hand, the wife of Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who is in jail, has threatened the life of her husband in Delhi jail.

He has said that the court should order to transfer both the husband and wife to a jail outside Delhi. However, while hearing the Supreme Court has said that it will consider the earlier order of the court in this matter, in which the court had asked the government to list the jails in which Sukesh Chandrashekhar and his wife can be shifted. . However, the government put before the court that both of them should not be transferred to any jail outside Delhi. The court has also taken on record the government’s argument that it would not be appropriate to shift the couple from Tihar to any other jail.

The matter will be heard on 30

The court has also taken on record the consent of the government to transfer him to Mandawali Jail in Delhi itself. During the hearing, the Center told the Supreme Court that accused Sukesh Chandrashekhar had also made phone calls from Tihar Jail to some judges of the Supreme Court, becoming a senior judge, to give a verdict in favor of Sukesh Chandrasekhar. It is not yet clear whether that phone call was made by Sukesh Chandrasekhar himself or whether someone else made that phone call to the judges of the Supreme Court in the name of Sukesh Chandrasekhar. The Supreme Court will hear the matter on 30th of this month.

Meanwhile, if the petitioners want to file their reply in the court, then they are free to file their reply in the court. It is noteworthy that this is the same Sukesh Chandrashekhar and his wife, due to which two Bollywood actresses are still roaming around the court-court ED offices. When the investigation of the fraud of 200 crores started, many sensational revelations were made. In which it was revealed that Sara Ali Khan was also the target of Sukesh Chandrashekhar! Sukesh Chandrashekhar’s closeness with Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi was also exposed in the ED investigation itself.



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