3 year medical insurance for surrogate mother: Terms Issue

The federal government has said that if a surrogate mother wants to have a child, the couple must buy medical insurance for 3 years in her name.

The federal government enacted the Surrogate Mother Regulation Act last year following allegations that surrogate women were being exploited by middlemen. The law came into force in January this year. The regulations mentioned in it were issued by the Union Ministry of Health on June 21. It says:

A woman or a couple who wants to have a child through surrogacy must purchase medical insurance for 36 months (3 years) from an accredited insurance company in the surrogate mother’s name.

If the surrogate mother has a health problem during or after childbirth, she should take out adequate medical insurance to treat it.

An affidavit must be filed with the court stating that in the event of a serious illness during the probationary period, treatment or death will result in appropriate compensation.

The surrogate mother can have a maximum of 3 abortions if the developing fetus is defective. The regulations stipulate that there must be a sufficient number of qualified physicians in registered hospitals that provide treatment for surrogacy.



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