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Mustufa Lakdawala, Rajkot: Any parent who loses their child prematurely (Parents lose the child prematurely) What happens to them then, only those who have experienced it know, but there are very few people who come out of such a tragic event and look forward to a new society. Kapil Pandya living in Rajkot (Kapil Pandya, Rajkot) has a somewhat similar story. His son died prematurely at the age of only three and a half years. This was a tragic incident but his family came out of it and decided to become parents of poor children. Kapil Pandya decided that even though God took one of my sons, I adopted many such children.Adoption of children) Lemish that is destitute and poor. Well, with this idea they launched Share with Smile (Share with Smile) named NGOsand has adopted 300 poor children.

A play house school was built to rival the private sector

Kapil Pandya said that we run an NGO called Share with Smile. Which we established 5 years ago. The reason behind setting up the NGO was that when I lost my three-and-a-half-year-old son, the idea of ​​an NGO came. I believe that God took my one son but God has adopted 300 sons. There are slum and middle class children who come to Anganwadi. It is our aim to provide him with good facilities. Today the fee of play house is 20 to 25 thousand. We provide the same facility free of cost to the users.

About 100 malnourished children were adopted

Kapilbhai further said that our goal is to be a cornerstone for children. After this we have also adopted a government school. So that the children complete their Anganwadi studies and get admission in government schools directly. Even after going to government school, our NGO has the responsibility to provide all the things including school dress, books to all the children. Apart from this, around 100 malnourished children have also been adopted.

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About 70 orphan sons and daughters were also adopted

Kapilbhai further said that every month, if the weight and height of such children fall into the middle category, we make nutritional powder, jaggery, ghee, dates and distribute them to the children every month. Also, our organization has adopted around 70 orphans. In particular, we provide school bags to orphans studying in government schools with the things they need in education. Currently we are working out in 17 Anganwadis. One government school has been adopted and in the near future two-three schools are to be adopted so that we can help more children.

We provide food as per the need of slum children

Kapilbhai further said that even in the slums we provide food according to the needs of the children. At the same time we divide them according to age to get good education. If there are children of 3 to 5 years, we try to bring them to the anganwadi. If there are children above that age, we get them admitted in government schools. We are helping to fulfill whatever educational needs they have.

Contact details of Share with Smile organization are as follows…

Mobile no: +919909960423
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.sharewithsmile.com/

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