36-year-old businessman, business in Delhi: Zubair’s complaint was not made from anonymous account, police had every detail of the complainant

The arrest of Mohammad Zubair was very much discussed in the month of June-July. Some people were calling it right and some were calling it unfair. It took almost three weeks to get Zubair bail. His lawyer Vrinda Grover had even argued that the account with which the complaint was made was anonymous and was used to implicate Zubair. At the same time, Delhi Police had told the court in this regard that there was no unknown person complaining against Zubair. He has all the information about him.

According to the Indian Express, now they have come to know about the information related to the same complainant. In his report, he told that the @balajikijaiin ID named ‘Hanuman Bhakt’ by Vrinda Grover was the account of a 36-year-old businessman from Delhi. Taking cognizance of the tweet made from this account, Delhi Police arrested Zubair on June 27. After this this ID was closed on 29 June and it was activated on 30 June. For the time being, this account is still suspended on Twitter.

The police had sent a notice to Twitter India to get information related to this Twitter account. The police told this thing in the court. The police said that in the notice they had asked that they be given every detail of the complainant. As soon as Twitter gave them the registered information related to the ID and the IP address. The police sent a notice to the businessman and asked him to come to the IFSO office in Dwarka and record his statement.

The complainant reached the office following the instructions. There he first gave his details and then gave the same statement that his sentiments were hurt by Zubair’s tweet. During interrogation, the police found that the complainant did not belong to any particular party. He is from Ajmer and does business living in Delhi.

Since the police had all the information, so when Vrinda Grover asked for Zubair’s bail in the court saying that the Twitter from which Zubair’s complaint was made is suspicious. He was made only to trap his client. So, Delhi Police responded to them on this. The lawyer appearing for the police said in the court, “He was just an informer. He is not an anonymous complainant. He has all the information. No one gets a Twitter account without giving details.

Let us inform that Zubair was arrested on June 27 on a controversial tweet of 2018. The UP administration had formed an SIT to investigate against him. During interrogation, he admitted that he used to take money in exchange for tweets. On July 20, almost three weeks after his arrest, he got bail from a Delhi court. NDTV journalist Srinivasan had filled his bond. He gave PR interviews as soon as he came out of jail. But he never apologized for his actions.

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