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4 cool things about Google’s new Pixel 7 series

Google has launched Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro globally and in India. The phone has a familiar design language with new colors and updated specifications. Both the phones also come with Android 13 out of the box with stereo speakers. Here are some of the best things about the Pixel 7 series.

Pixel 7 has a better Tensor G2 chip

The Google Pixel 7 lineup features Google’s improved Tensor G2 chip. While the new chip offers a small performance boost compared to its predecessor, that’s not what’s really remarkable about the new chips. The chip will have more powerful machine-learning tools that will allow it to translate languages ​​in real time.

The G2 chip will also power the new Super Res Zoom feature and tools like Cinematic Blur and Face Unblur. Google said the chip would make major advances in speech, photography, video technology and security.

face and fingerprint unlock

Face Unlock was a feature that was available on the Pixel series up to the Pixel 4 but was dropped on later models. This feature returns to the Pixel 7 and as an added benefit, the fingerprint scanner will remain on the phone. The Google Pixel 6 had several issues with the fingerprint sensor which were later fixed with updates but we still need to wait and see if this will be a problem with the Pixel 7 series.

Feature drop and software update

It’s no secret that Google’s Pixel phones are the first to get software updates and the latest Android versions. Apart from this, Google also makes “Feature Drops”. As part of the program, Google rolls out new features to Pixel phones, outside of the usual Android OS updates. So if you buy the Pixel 7, you can expect to get interesting new features every three months. Google also promises 5 years of security updates on the Pixel 7 series.

4k capable front-facing cameras.

Google’s Pixel phones have always been renowned for their photography capabilities, in no small part due to the company’s excellent image processing algorithms. This time around, there may be a primary and ultra-wide camera like the Pixel 6 series but its front camera is a new unit of 10.8 megapixels which is capable of recording 4K video at 60fps.


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