42 Bodies Found Inside Tractor Trailer in San Antonio Texas

Texas: The city of Sant Antonio in the US state of Texas has been hit by a shocking incident. Where the bodies of 20 people have been found inside a truck. The BNO news agency quoted WOAI as saying. The news agency quoted KSAT TV as saying that so far 20 bodies have been found inside the truck (20 Bodies Found Inside Tractor Trailer).

At least 42 people have been found inside a tractor-trailer from the southwest. 16 others have been taken to a nearby hospital in different conditions. St. Antonio Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance are present at the scene.

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Let me tell you that the bodies of 21 students were first found in a nightclub in South Africa. The dead children went to the club to celebrate after completing the high school exams. No injuries were found on the bodies of the slain children, according to a police officer. The age of the students killed in the incident was shown to be 13 to 17 years. “We have been informed that 21 students have been killed in a nightclub near South Africa’s Scenery Park,” said Brigadier Thembicosi Kinana. The bodies of 8 young women and 13 young men were found. 17 bodies were found inside the club.

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