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5 people died in a fire in a residential building in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong: Five people died and 35 were injured in a fire in a multi-storey residential building in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong.

According to a report by the foreign news agency Reuters, the Kowloon fire service and hospital authorities said that 5 people died and 35 were injured due to the fire in the residential building.

Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK reported that people trapped in the 16-story building were crying for help and that the fire broke out in the building’s gym.

After the fire broke out in the building, the administration closed the roads leading to it which affected the traffic system.

The city government said that more than 150 people were safely evacuated from the building, but 40 people were transferred to the hospital.

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said authorities directed all possible medical assistance to the injured while various government departments investigated the cause of the fire.

The report said that the fire in Jordan, the residential area of ​​the officers of the commercial center, was at level 3 under the 5-grade system of the city, which started at 8:54 am, but was brought under control an hour later. reach the fire service..

Hospital officials said the condition of 6 of the injured was critical.

A spokesman for Hong Kong’s fire service said another fire broke out in a building in the northern region, where firefighters were still fighting the blaze after 15 hours.

The spokesperson said that no one has been killed in the incident.

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