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56 crore loan, Juhu’s bungalow at auction! What did Sunny Deol say?

Tapan Baksi, Mumbai: ‘Gadar-2’ was successful at the box office. No one could have imagined that even after twenty-two years, there could be such a frenzy among the fans about this film. At the film’s success party in Mumbai, there was a lot of excitement among the unit members. Meanwhile, in the midst of this joy and excitement, actor Sunny Deol’s bank loan got noisy. Some call it a thunderbolt on the head amid the success of Sunny Deol’s ‘Gadar 2’.

It is known that Sunny’s Mumbai bungalow ‘Sunny Villa’ is going up for auction. The Bollywood actor could not repay the loan of 56 crore rupees. The concerned bank issued a notice to auction ‘Sunny Villa’ to get back the loan amount. A notice was issued in this regard on Sunday. Sunny’s bungalow was supposed to be auctioned on September 25. However, the day after the notice was issued i.e. on Monday, the bank withdrew the notice of ‘Sunny Villa’ auction by issuing an amendment. Sunny opened his mouth in this regard.

When Sunny Deol came up with this issue while facing the media in the atmosphere of Gadar-2 success, he said that it is completely his personal matter. He is not willing to open his mouth to everyone in this context. He said, ‘If I want to say something, it will be interpreted differently. So it is best not to comment on it.’ Then to make the matter more clear, Sunny said that at the moment all efforts are being made to solve this problem. The problem will be solved soon.

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