9th class student who came home after school found dead .. Tragedy near Arani!

A 9th class student who went missing near Arani yesterday was found dead in a well today.

Mohammad Ali and Mohammad Asif are the sons of Malik Patsa of Arani next Kannamangalam area. Youngest son Mohammad Asif Kannamangalam is a ninth grader in Government Boys’ High School.

Mohammad Asif, who came home after school on Thursday afternoon, took his bicycle home and left. But the student who went out yesterday did not return home until today.

Mohammad Asif’s father Malik Patsa had lodged a complaint at the Kannamangalam police station yesterday.

Police were informed today that the body of a student was floating in the water of a well on the banks of the Nakanadi river near Kannamangalam today.


After receiving the information, the Kannamangalam police recovered the body floating in the well with a rope and identified it as Mohammad Asif who went missing.

Mohammad Asif then informed the parents that the bicycle and school uniform that the student had taken over the bank of the well was found on the bank of the well and confirmed that it was Mohammad Asif who had died.

The student’s body was later recovered and sent to Vellore Government Hospital for autopsy.

Police are conducting an intensive investigation into the death of a student whose body was found floating in a well after returning home after school.


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