A 10-year-old boy carried his brother’s body and walked because an ambulance was not available.. U.P.

Praveen Kumar hails from Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh. He works as a laborer in Shamili district. Her 2-year-old child died in a road accident after being hit by a car. Police investigation into the accident revealed that the child was picked up by her foster mother Sita on the Delhi-Sahranpur National Highway.

Then the child cried uncontrollably. Enraged by this, the mother Sita pushed the car and caused an accident and killed her. When the bystanders saw this and informed the police, the foster mother Sita was arrested. While the tragic death of the child, the incident that followed added to the tragedy. An autopsy of the deceased child has been conducted at Baghpat District Government Hospital. The next day, the child’s father Praveen Kumar and the child’s 10-year-old brother Sagar Kumar came to the hospital to receive the child’s body.

As his village is 50 km away from the hospital, father Praveen requested an ambulance or a vehicle to transport the body. But the hospital did not make arrangements for it. With no other choice, he wrapped the child’s body in a white cloth and started walking on the road carrying his 10-year-old brother Sagar in his arms.

While this scene was about to make the onlookers there, some people took a video and shared it on social media. Shortly after this, the details came to the attention of the District Medical Officers, who are said to have arranged for the vehicle. Father Praveen said that he picked up the child and started walking because the ambulance did not arrive after asking several times. He explained that he later brought his 10-year-old son’s body because his hand hurt.

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Baghpat district medical officials have assured that a proper investigation will be conducted regarding this incident. There have been reports of poor people suffering due to lack of proper ambulance facility. Through social media exposure, they have been receiving attention of late and help is pouring in.

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