A 17-year-old minor fell in love with a 35-year-old aunt, both insisted on staying together Pipa News

A 17-year-old minor fell in love with a 35-year-old aunt, both insisted on staying together

Churu: It will be said that love is blind. One such case has come to light in Sadar police station of Churu district of Rajasthan. Here a 17-year-old minor boy and his 35-year-old aunt fall in love with each other. According to the information received, when the woman’s husband came to know about this relationship, the matter worsened and this matter reached the police station and a complaint has been filed by the husband in Sadar police station.

Let me tell you that this matter is related to Binasar of Churu. Where the husband told that he was married about 10 years ago to a national woman with whom he also has two children. He said that his minor nephew who was a resident of Karango Bada used to visit his house often. Meanwhile, his nephew and his wife grew closer and turned into love. The love relationship between the two became so deep that they decided to leave the relationship and live together.

There was no divorce between husband and wife
The victim’s husband said that a few days ago his wife told him that she had married his nephew, now she will live with him. According to the victim, there has been no divorce between the two so far. Sadar police station has also been approached regarding the matter. The husband said that this marriage is not legally valid.

Legally this relationship is not valid
Not only is there social disadvantage in this relationship, but also there is a big difference in the age of aunt-nephew. Married Poonam is 35 years old, while her minor nephew is only 17 years old. In such a case, this relationship is not even legally correct.

The family explained a lot
The family members tried hard to convince the woman and the minor boy not to get married, but both remained adamant about living together. Let it be said that the woman clearly said that both will live and die together. The woman refused to go with the first husband.

– Report – Naresh Pareek

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