A Kerala bride walked on a potholed road for a photoshoot Pipa News

A Kerala bride walked on a potholed road for a photoshoot

First of all, if the families of the boy and the girl agreed to marry each other, they would get engaged directly after the conversation and get married within a few days. But now times have changed a lot. First the boy admires the girl and then the family admires him. Then there are many programs pending before engagement and marriage. After getting engaged, the boy and the girl go to their favorite place and pose for the camera in different ways.

Don’t think it’s over.. After this, the bride goes to her favorite place in her favorite saree and traditional dress and has a photo shoot.

Modern brides can be said to be very savvy because they are having photoshoots that have a theme in their photoshoots. Here’s how a Kerala bride highlighted a public issue in her photoshoot to make her photoshoot a memorable occasion.

Social concern is hidden in bridal photo shoot

Yes.. a bride from Kerala has made her pre-wedding photo shoot memorable by highlighting the problem of potholes on the road at her place and it would be safe to say that a social concern has also been touched upon here.

A video featuring a bride and a wedding photographer is now going viral on social media. In this we can see the bride in a red saree slowly crossing the road full of potholes with her saree slightly lifted.

See what the video looks like?

In the video, the bride is walking quite briskly on a road that is completely filled with muddy water amidst many potholes. The clip also shows passing vehicles, but it can only be said that they are unable to avoid potholes in the road. A photographer can be seen capturing photos of the bride from a distance.

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The video went viral

The photos and video clicked in this photoshoot were posted by Arrow Wedding Company on its Twitter handle. The video is also captioned as “Bridal photoshoot in the middle of the road”. The video was shared on September 11 and so far, the clip has garnered over 4.3 million views and over three lakh likes on Instagram.

Netizens are also very impressed with this bride’s creativity. Many social media users mocked the road conditions in Kerala. “Not on the road, but in the pool,” one user wrote. Another joked, “Good road.” “Is this the road? If you buy some baby fish, you can start a fish farm right here,” commented another.

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Kerala High Court directed to take steps to repair roads

The Kerala High Court on Monday directed the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to take immediate steps to repair every road under its control either through the existing concessionaires or new contractors. This decision was taken in the background of the death of a person who fell into a pothole on the national highway.

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