A kid born with 19 inch ears

East pen webdesk :. A kid with 19-inch (about 46 cm) ears was born in Karachi, Pakistan. The owner of the baby named ‘Simba’ wants to have Nick in the Guinness Book of World Records. Simber was born on June 5 in Sindh. Muhammad Hassan Narejo, the owner of the newborn baby, was surprised to see two huge ears. The female cub has already become quite popular in Pakistan. His ears are so long that they roll on the ground as he walks.

The idea is that the baby was born with such large ears due to genetic mutations or hereditary anomalies. But apparently the baby looks healthy. The owner hopes that his Simba will soon become a Guinness Book of World Records because of his long ears. Simba is a Nubian goat. This breed of goat is famous for its long ears. These long ears help keep the body cool in hot weather. However, considering the breed, Simber’s ears are much longer.

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