A man allegedly hacked his wife in Murshidabad. Sangbad Pratidin

Kalyan Chandra, Bahrampur: Torture the bride to demand extra dowry. An allegation was made against the husband and mother-in-law in the Salua Bildhari Para area of ​​Hariharpara police station in Murshidabad for shaving his wife’s head for not paying the dowry. Police have arrested the accused husband. Fugitive mother-in-law.

A couple of years ago, mason Abdullah Sheikh got married to Rakiba Khatun of Nashipur village of Islampur police station in Salua Bildhari Para of Hariharpara police station. One lakh rupees in cash and gold jewelery were given as dowry at the time of marriage. It is alleged that the extra dowry was demanded a few months after the marriage. Torture of the bride started at the fair. Rakiba said her parents paid a total of four lakh rupees as per the demand of the in-laws.

[আরও পড়ুন: বিয়ের তিনদিন আগে মালদহে যুবকের রহস্যমৃত্যু, হবু স্ত্রীর প্রেমিকের হাতে খুন?]

His blind parents begged for the money in Mumbai. The violence escalated after he had a daughter three months ago. A month ago, he was asked to bring two lakh rupees from his father’s house. Unable to pay the money, he was beheaded on the morning of June 16. Rakiba said, “My husband was cutting my hair, and my mother-in-law was holding my hands and feet.”

As soon as the news of the beheading reached the father’s house, the people of the village rescued the bride that evening and took her to Islampur. The victim then went to Hariharpara police station with the people of her father’s house and lodged a written complaint. Police arrested the accused husband Abdullah Sheikh on Thursday afternoon. Hariharpara police said the bride’s husband was arrested on the basis of the allegations. He may be arrested after interrogation. A search is on for two more accused.

Meanwhile, the abused housewife said that she could not leave the house in shame after shaving her head. Want appropriate punishment for husband-in-law and mother-in-law. On that day, the victim said with regret, “I was preparing for the secondary examination. The child is during the test. So I could not take the test. I have done many things for this world. But the members of that family beheaded me. ”

[আরও পড়ুন: ৮০ শতাংশ শেয়ার, বোর্ডে ৮ সদস্য, ইস্টবেঙ্গলকে চুক্তির শর্ত জানাল ইমামি]

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