A married woman who killed her husband with her boyfriend in Kamareddy district

(P. Mahendar, News18, Nizamabad)

She did not want a husband who would be with her for a hundred years for the physical pleasure that would give her temporary happiness. Mogudni, who was a witness to Vedic mantras, was murdered by her boyfriend. The police sensed the plan of an extortionist to continue her extramarital affair. If the string is pulled in the case of murder, the detour has moved. The police have identified the role of a third person in a murder case in Kamareddy district.

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The husband was beaten by the hands of the lover.

A man named Bodhan Hanumaboyi from Bichkunda in Kamareddy district was married to Anuradha many years ago. The couple has two daughters. Posha Boi, who lives in the same colony as Anuradha, has been having an extra-marital relationship with a man for several years. Anuradha, who felt that her husband was standing between her and her boyfriend, somehow removed his obstacle and thought that the two should be together forever. As part of this, the boyfriend was assigned the task of killing the husband.

For extramarital affair..
As part of the scheme, Anuradha’s husband Hanuma Boi was taken to Daultapur forest two days ago along with her boyfriend Posha Boi and his friend Ramesh Hanuma Boi. There the three drank alcohol together. Hanumabhoi was drunk heavily and when he became intoxicated, he was killed by a rope. After killing, leaving the dead body there, Hanuma took Boi’s cell phone and left. Both Posha Boi and Ramesh went to Bansuwada on the same night and threw the rope used for the murder and the deceased’s cell phone in the Manjira river at Bollak Palli. They slept at relatives’ houses in Bansuwada at night and went to the village early in the morning.

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The wife is a bully.

The police came to know that the person was killed in Daultabad forest area and got the details. A case was registered and his deceased’s wife Anuradha was questioned. As she gave inconsistent answers to the police, they investigated in their own style. She confessed that she killed her husband so that she could live with her boyfriend. The police arrested Anuradha along with her boyfriend Posha Boi and Ramesh and sent them to remand.

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