A murderous attack on the soldier and his comrades in Rajendra Nagar, a dozen youths ran and killed, the mob vandalized the shop. Killer attack on soldier and his comrades in Rajendra Nagar, a dozen youths ran and killed, mob vandalized the shop

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  • Killer Attack On Soldier And His Comrades In Rajendra Nagar, A Dozen Youths Ran And Killed, Mob Vandalized The Shop

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Amidst the ongoing police march in Satna city, there was a fierce ruckus in Rajendra Nagar on Saturday night. A dozen people fatally attacked a soldier and his three other accomplices. After the incident, the atmosphere here deteriorated and the mob got angry and stormed the shop of one of the attackers. The anger of the mob forced the attackers to leave the car and flee. Angry people started vandalizing the car and the shop. On receiving the news of deteriorating situation, heavy police force converted the entire area into a cantonment.

Anees and Saif, who run a shop selling chicken and animal birds in front of Rajendra Nagar street number 1, along with a dozen of their companions, attacked Ravi Singh, Vikram Singh, Suraj Jain and Suraj Nagar. Vikram is a soldier and a resident of Mauhar village. The attackers first beat the soldier Vikram etc. with kicks and sticks and then took out deadly weapons like rods, spears from Saif’s shop and hit them and also stoned them. Not only this, when Vikram ran away to escape, the attackers beat him up to the Sai temple. During this, when the gardener who sold flower garlands outside the Sai temple tried to rescue, he was also beaten up.

When people caught sight of the hooliganism going on in the middle of the road and there was an uproar, there was a crowd. When the angry mob understood the matter, they started vandalizing the shop of Saif and Anees and started searching for the attackers. Seeing this, the attackers left their car there and fled. Here the mob left and blew away the animals kept in the shop and vandalized the shop and damaged the car.

On receiving the news of the incident, SDM Neeraj Khare, RI Satyaprakash Mishra, DSP Khyati Mishra, TI SM Upadhyay, DP Singh and Archana Dwivedi reached there with heavy force. The police surrounded the entire area and turned it into a cantonment.

There was a dispute while taking chicken

It is said that Vikram is a soldier and has come on leave these days. He went to buy chicken at Anees’s shop along with his companions Ravi Singh and Suraj Nagar. There, when he heard about the weight and money of the chicken, Vikram and others killed Anees. This made things worse and Anees called up and called a dozen people like Aryan, Kissu, Ehsaan etc. Saif sells dogs, parrots and rabbits there, so he also came to avenge the dispute with Anees. Swift DZire with Anees reached there by car number MP 19 T 2638 and on reaching Vikram, Ravi broke down on Suraj.

condition critical in district hospital

Fauji Vikram and his associates have been admitted to the district hospital. The condition of the injured remains serious. Ravi and Suraj have suffered more fatal injuries. On the other hand, the police, who were stationed for hours on the spot, have sent the damaged car of the attackers to the Kotwali after getting them struck with a crane.

Controversies happen every day

Regional people told that there is a gathering of unwanted people throughout the day in Anees and Saif’s shop. Throughout the day the boys gather and create ruckus. There are disputes at their shop every day. Saif has also rented a room in Ajju’s building opposite the shop. There is also movement of people throughout the day.

Protest with sloganeering, VHP – Bajrang Dal expressed strong displeasure

VHP and Bajrang Dal workers also reached the spot after getting information about the incident of fatal attack on four people including soldiers by a dozen attackers in Rajendra Nagar. Raising slogans, they sat on a dharna on the road itself. Expressing strong displeasure over the incident, VHP leader Raj Bahadur Mishra said that meat, fish shops are not being closed despite repeated demands. The people of the Municipal Corporation are making them a means of earning. Raj Bahadur said that the attackers belonged to a particular community. If the culprits are not immediately arrested by taking strict action on this incident and the meat and fish shops are not closed, then we will have to adopt the path of violent agitation. Such incidents perpetrated by a particular community cannot be tolerated.

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