Note: This long novel is from English, but there are significant changes in characters, dialogue, and events. Presented for the first time to the readers of ARY News.
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Jack brings the new guest, whom he calls Edwee, to Angus’ house. “Good to see you after a long time, Julian,” Jimmy signaled him to sit down.
Advi was shocked: “Julian… what do you mean, I’m Advi.”
“Yes, but the world is different, Advi is very strange here, so starting today your name will be Julian,” said Jimmy smiling and confessing that they changed their name again. At the same time, he gave a summary of the events so far so that Julian could understand the situation. When the new visitor asks about Jonny and Jeze, he is told that they both went with Fiona and her mother Maire. During the conversation, it is learned that Julian is fond of gardening, to which Angus says that Maire will be happy to hear that, as she needs him very much at Castle Azar.
Then Julian, with a sudden look of anxiety on his face, said: “I am anxiously awaiting my meeting with Mairie, it is all very pleasant, but I must warn you that something has happened in the palace.” This is getting weird. Like everyone else, I came here through a time portal. But when I left the palace, I saw many evil spirits enter the castle. There are other kinds of evil spirits, all of which are unusual, because they all do the same thing, entering the castle with enthusiasm.”
Geoffrey, who was pouring hot tea into a cup, asked what the wizard Pahlan and Drayton would do at that time. They cause trouble. Jimmy says there is no point in worrying now, everyone should sleep well at night because the next day is going camping with Fiona and her friends, and tomorrow will be a very tiring day. Prove it.
When they were all asleep, Uncle Angus picked up a book written in Zelia’s language and sat down in front of the hearth to turn the pages. There were some symbols in the book, which he ran with his fingers and said to himself: “I wish I could understand what it means.” Then, while he was reading the book, he lost himself in the valley of sleep, he did not know. know.
The next day after breakfast the two old men, Jonny and Jeze, along with Fiona and her mom, went to Uncle Angus’s house. Fiona and Maire are thinking about a camping trip. When they arrived at Angus’s house, they were all ready, the tents were ready to be folded. All the arrangements were also completed, a big car was arranged, in which they kept all the things. Meanwhile, Fiona and Mairi are introduced to Julian. “It’s good to see you, Alroy,” said Julian, grinning as he looked at Jack. It’s been too long.” And they hugged each other. Angus asks Fiona’s friends why they didn’t go, so Fiona explains that they are both busy with other things. After that, they left for the beautiful mountain region.
(to be continued…)


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