A new challenge for Siddaramaiah after cabinet expansion!– News18 Kannada Pipa News

A new challenge for Siddaramaiah after cabinet expansion!– News18 Kannada

Bengaluru: The countdown to the Minister Oath Taking Ceremony has started. However, the deprived ministers are upset and a new challenge is facing CM Siddaramaiah and DCM DK Shivakumar after persuading them. Legislative Council member BK Hariprasad was also a ministerial aspirant. It is said that he vented his frustration in front of his close friends for being wrongly appointed as a minister. BK Hariprasad is said to have thought about resigning from the post of MLC and continuing as a party worker. MLA Puttarangashetty, who is another senior MLA, has openly expressed his displeasure.

Speaking to News 18, Puttarangashetty said, “I am the only one who won from the Uppara community. Until yesterday my name was prevalent. He expressed his frustration that he did not know why my name was left out of the list of ministers.

Deputy Speaker Offer!

Three have won from Chamarajanagar. Any one of the three could have been made minister and given district in charge. He said that now I have not decided whether to accept the post of Deputy Speaker or not.

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Before the cabinet expansion, ministerial aspirants used to arrive at CM Siddaramaiah’s residence. As the final list is released, no MLAs are flocking to Siddaramaiah’s residence.


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