A new twist in the paper leak case..He is the main mastermind – News18 Telugu Pipa News

A new twist in the paper leak case..He is the main mastermind – News18 Telugu

TSPSC Paper Leak Case: Question paper leakage case is causing confusion in Telangana. At first, the police found that only the AE paper was leaked, but shocking things came to light during the investigation. With this TSPSC has canceled many exams including Group 1 Prelims today. In this order, a key development took place in the investigation of the case. The SIT submitted an investigation report regarding the case to the TSPSC. Many new things have come to light in this report.

The twist took place when Praveen was thought to be the mastermind in this case. Officials identified Rajasekhar as the mastermind in this case. Moreover, it appears that he entered TSPSC on purpose. Rajasekhar, who was a technical officer, came to TSPSC on deputation as a system administrator. In this order, he continued his relationship with Praveen. After that it was found that the computer was hacked and the password was stolen. When Shankar Lakshmi said that he did not write the password, he did not say where, the SIT officials found that Rajasekhar had hacked and stolen the password. After that, Rajasekhar copied 5 exam papers in a pen drive. Later he gave that pen drive to Praveen.

In this sequence, Praveen leaked the AE Hexam paper to Renuka. Rajasekhar was found to have copied the paper on February 27. Moreover, the SIT found that the Group 1 paper was also leaked. Also, the officials also pulled a coupe on Praveen getting 103 marks in Group 1 prelims. The SIT officials found that he had scored the Group 1 paper while working as a PA near the secretary. In this case, the court allowed the 9 accused to sit in custody for 6 days. The SIT officials will interrogate the accused from tomorrow to 23rd of this month. In this order, there is a possibility that important things will come out in the coming days.

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