A scam of making fake police verification certificate was caught from Ashram Road Pipa News

A scam of making fake police verification certificate was caught from Ashram Road

  • Eight bogus certificates for bank loan recovery work. made
  • The accused running the call center was running this scam for the last three years
  • Fake Police Verification Certificates are being produced

Fraudsters have become active in the city doing good work with the help of fake certificates. It was then that Gathia, who was running a call center for bank loan recovery in Ahmedabad, used to make fake police verification certificates for candidates for a course before hiring them in his call centre. Now this Gathia an officer of Special Branch who was transferred two years ago. The pot exploded while creating a certificate with his signature coin. At present, the police have arrested the accused and are conducting further investigation.

While the police were patrolling the city, the police received information that fake police verification certificates were being produced at SR Services in Mahakanta Complex on Ashram Road. Based on that, the police raided there and nabbed Sandip Pandey. As the police investigated, the accused was doing business of bank loan recovery. The employees he employed in this business. Police Verification Certificates of those employees were produced. Used to do recovery work of different banks. He is originally from Bihar and has been living in Ahmedabad city for the past 12 years. He was previously employed as a Manager in HDFC Bank, Driving Branch. After that, he has been working for the above mentioned SR services for four years. The recovery work of different banks having call center in this office. As the police verification certificate of the employees he hires for this work is required, he used to obtain the certificate not legally and by making it fake. The accused has so far produced eight bogus police verification certificates. In the police investigation, the officer who signed was not on duty. When the police investigated the signature coins in the certificate, VJ Vyas was the post of police inspector for additional commissioner of police special branch of Ahmedabad city as the officer who issued the certificate. When the police investigated this, it came to light that this officer was not performing duty in the mentioned year. The accused was doing this work for the last three years. Also, if the accused employee wanted a clearance certificate, this thug used to cross out the name of the police and make a bogus police verification certificate. Also, the accused police have taken further action by detaining the accused.


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