A single bus and 200 students from Saila to Surendranagar in the morning! Pipa News

A single bus and 200 students from Saila to Surendranagar in the morning!

  • If action is not taken against the conductor within 5 days, a fierce agitation was threatened
  • On Wednesday morning, when the bus was crowded, the conductor abused the student and escalated the matter
  • ABVP workers called Ramdhun at ST bus station and handed over the application form to the depot manager

Despite being the largest village panchayat and taluka headquarters of Surendranagar district, Sayla is continuously being treated unfairly. Even though there are more than 200 students who come to Surendranagar schools and colleges in the morning from the village, only one ST bus plies. Anger has spread that the students who passed the system by paying money in advance were not included in the bus. At such a time, on Wednesday morning, the bus conductor was abusing the student for sitting in the bus. Following this, ABVP workers called Ramdhun at Surendranagar bus station and submitted a written representation to the depot manager demanding action against the conductor.

Sayla village of the district is the taluka headquarters. Among the more than 550 gram panchayats in the district, Sayala is the largest gram panchayat. Approximately more than 200 students from Saila village come to Surendranagar School and College for morning studies. A single bus from Kotda to Surendranagar suits the school timings of these students. But as there is always no space in this bus, the students are troubled. And due to the arbitrariness of the bus driver-conductor, the students cannot reach school on time and their studies get spoiled. Even on Wednesday, as the bus in Saila was full, the conductor refused to allow some students to sit in the bus. In which there was a verbal altercation between the students and the conductor, the conductor got angry and abused the student in the presence of the students. Hence the matter was settled. The bus was falling in the bus station for about half an hour. And then the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad workers came to know about this when the bus came to Surendranagar. Hence ABVP Municipal Minister Keval Halavadia, District Coordinator Riddhi Ramanuj, Vishwas Joshi rushed to Surendranagar bus station. And by chanting, Ramdhun was called to open the deaf ears of the system in the bus station itself. Then the students gave a complaint in this regard to the Depot Manager of Surendranagar ST, B Division Police Station and Mamlatdar office. In which, if the problem is not solved within 5 days, a fierce agitation has been given.

We will put the bus issue in the grievance redressal program

Sayla Gram Panchayat Sarpanch Ajayrajsinh Jhala said that in the morning only one bus from Kotda to Surendranagar comes at school time of students. Students who are not included in the up and down bus are disturbed. After the incident that happened on Wednesday, we will raise this question in the grievance redressal program of Amo taluka. If it does not solve the problem, then we will present this problem in the district level grievance redressal program.

Gokharwala bus closed since Corona period

ST bus from Chudana Gokharwala to Surendranagar was plying via Saila. This bus was a boon for the students as it coincided with the school timings. But some routes were closed during Corona, the Gokharwala route was also closed. Even after the end of the corona period, the students who have not started this bus have to suffer.

A bus bypass is going from Sailana new bus station

A new ST bus station has been constructed in Saila by the government on the highway at a cost of lakhs. This ST. From the bus station, instead of going to the old bus station or Muli Darwaj of Sayla town, the bus takes a bypass to Surendranagar from Charmalia temple outside the village. Students are sitting in the village waiting for the bus and the bus does not come. Or students have to spend expensive rickshaw fares to go to the new bus station on the highway.

Student demands

  • Sayla to Surendranagar bus to be set aside for students.
  • Resumption of Gokharwala-Surendranagar bus.
  • Strict action against the conductor.


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