A storming of the capital will not be allowed, coalition parties, warning to the two provincial governments Pipa News

A storming of the capital will not be allowed, coalition parties, warning to the two provincial governments

ISLAMABAD: Storming the federal capital will not be allowed by crossing the limits of the constitution and law.

Imran Khan did not even tell Shah Mahmood Qureshi about the history of long march

According to Hum News, the statement issued regarding the meeting of the coalition parties under the chairmanship of Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the central president of Pakistan Muslim League (N) has said that the federal government has given a warning to the governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. To stop paving the way for corruption by becoming a tool of Imran Khan.

The doors are not closed, the relations are not over, the people will come out with Imran Khan, if you can stop it, Sheikh Rasheed

In the meeting of the coalition parties, the cabinet decisions on the investigation of conspiracy against national security and changing of diplomatic ciphers were supported and it was asked that the FIA ​​should complete the investigation on the matter of attack on national interests as soon as possible.

According to the issued declaration, the process of fulfilling the legal requirements against the involved characters should be accelerated according to the constitution and law.

Tehreek-e-Insaf will give complete treatment to the sit-in, be prepared, be present, Home Minister

According to Hum News, in the declaration of the meeting held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, it has been said that the one who diverts the institutions from the path of the constitution is a traitor, conspirator and miscreant. It is a requirement of the constitution itself to punish this unconstitutional person.

Under the declaration, the Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction over the measures taken for the rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims, while the Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Darnay gave a briefing regarding the economic situation and financial institutions. Also gave a briefing on the conversation.

Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar told the meeting during the briefing that due to the disastrous policies of the previous government, no decimal of the national economy has been positive. That the dollar will fall below 200 rupees, in our previous period inflation was three percent and growth rate was 6.3 percent.

Asian Development Bank announced to provide funding of 2 billion 50 million dollars to Pakistan

According to Hum News, Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, who belongs to the PML-N, told the meeting of the coalition parties that continuity and strict financial discipline will be needed to give economic stability to Pakistan.

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