A Thieves Board of Forty in the State Legislature; MP Sanjay Raut’s harsh criticism on Shide group Pipa News

A Thieves Board of Forty in the State Legislature; MP Sanjay Raut’s harsh criticism on Shide group

Cleancheat to 28 thieves by Shinde-BJP government: Kirit will go to court against Somaiya

Kolhapur representative

Shiv Sena (Thackeray group) leader MP Sanjay Raut, who visited Kolhapur on the occasion of Shiv Garjana Mela, on Wednesday lashed out at Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and the BJP. Aiming at the Shinde group, MP Raut made a sharp criticism that the state is not a legislature but a gang of forty people.
MP Raut interacted with reporters before the Shivgarjana Mela. He said, in Dharashiv, MLA Bachu Kadu was told by a citizen that you went with dacoits and robbers. Asking that Jab is Shivagarjana. We are doing awareness and enlightenment in the form of Shivgarjana Melava to bring it across the state.

Raut lashed out at the Shinde group. He said, some may say that Shiv Sena is a party in the legislature, which is false. They are fake Shiv Sena. The Legislature has a circle of forty thieves in the form of these fake Shiv Sena MLAs. No matter how much these people pretend to be Shiv Sena, the people of the state will not accept them. Even if they sack us, we will not leave the party. Because many such positions have been given to us by the party and Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray. We wave those positions like this. Posts will come back if gone. But our party is important to us, said MP Raut.

Cleancheat for 28 thieves by Shinde-BJP government
MP Raut alleged that after the change of government in the state, the Shinde-BJP government has implemented the initiative of giving clean cheats to 28 thieves along with Kirit Somaiya through investigative agencies. He said, in the name of saving INS Vikrant, Kirit Somaiya collected crores of rupees, while his investigation was going on, the government changed and the investigation stopped. But I myself am going to ask, where did Vikrat’s money go?, I am going to go to court for that. Kirit Somayya should first tell where he kept the money collected to save Vikrant before making any allegations and then talk.

2024 will be reckoned by the people
Clean cheats are being given to thieves in the state. Alleging that a conspiracy is being hatched to file false cases, imprison and defame anyone who asks for an answer, MP Raut warned that in 2024, the people of the state will account for all these things.

MP Raut said….
– Good health work by Thackeray government during Corona period.
– Iqbal Chahal’s praise for his work during the Corona era
– Dead bodies were flowing through the river in Uttar Pradesh during the Corona period.
– In Gujarat, there were queues in crematoriums during the Corona period.
-If you want to file a case of Corona, do it against Yogi Adityanath.
– Misuse of police system by Shinde-Fadnavis due to fear of defeat in Kasba by-election.
Shiv Sena is getting stronger in Kolhapur district.

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