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A transparent tax system ensures the country’s development

Taxation is the backbone of any state’s development and economic system. For a country like Pakistan, the importance of taxation becomes even more important as it runs on external debt in addition to taxes. When the state collects taxes from the people, it promises many benefits to the people in return. Providing these facilities is the primary responsibility of every state. Now, if a citizen can complain, question or protest about not getting facilities from the state by paying taxes, and if he asks, the state representatives will listen to him seriously or on the contrary, he will be humiliated. , that is a separate discussion.

In countries like ours, the first problem is paying taxes. If we don’t pay taxes responsibly or don’t want to pay, how can we demand free medical facilities, free education, roads etc. from the state. There is a stark difference between the tax system of developed countries like USA, UK and Canada where I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time and the tax system of Pakistan. In these countries, the state collects taxes by the force of the stick and if tax evasion is proven, the punishment is also imposed. Majority of the citizens also consider it their duty to pay taxes because they realize that their taxes will be spent for welfare projects and for their own benefit. On the other hand, we don’t want to pay taxes in Pakistan and the state is also unable to introduce a transparent system to collect taxes and spend them transparently on public welfare projects.

Apart from this, there is very little awareness among people in the matter of tax. As there are many types of taxes and when the government collects sales tax by force of stick, some people think that this tax is also income tax. In this context, I also remembered a story that once an acquaintance who runs a small business was talking about paying taxes and I told him that if you don’t pay income tax to the state. If you do, you should pay. This simple person said that he also pays the sales tax, the tax that the government collects in the electricity bill, so is this not enough? I explained to him that those taxes are either levied by the government or by private companies, while I am talking about the state’s right to your earnings. There are many cases in which people don’t know that if they secretly start a grocery store or any other business in their street, they have to pay tax on that too. In this regard, it is the responsibility of the state to provide awareness to the people.

Supposedly, if people start paying taxes out of fear of their duty or fear of the cane, then the next problem for the state is to establish a transparent system under which people’s tax money goes to the welfare of the people instead of going into someone’s personal pocket. It should be spent on welfare and if someone is dishonest with this money, he will be punished severely. All this is possible only if the law is equal for all and people are made aware of their duty to pay taxes instead of fear of the stick. If we want to see Pakistan develop, then all the eligible people have to pay tax and the state has to spend this tax on the welfare of the people under a corruption-free system, otherwise, like beggars, every government has to hold on to foreign aid. It will continue to wait and the condition of the people will get worse day by day.

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