A video of a plane being transported on a lorry across Adilabad district has gone viral Pipa News

A video of a plane being transported on a lorry across Adilabad district has gone viral

(K. Lenin, News18, Adilabad)
Everyone has three modes of transportation to reach their destinations. There are three ways: air, water and land. To travel by air, you have to board a plane. To travel on the same waterway, one has to board ships and boats. If you want to travel on the road that is available to most of the people, you can take any bus, car, jeep or lorry. But what happens if the vehicles traveling on those routes change their route and travel on one route to another. It is a bit strange to imagine.

A young man from Warangal wants to travel the world on a bicycle, along with a dog.

Airplane on lorry
An unexpected incident in Adilabad district took everyone by surprise. A plane flying in Ningi flew over the road. The sight of it being carried on another vehicle caught everyone’s eyes. This event, which is surprising to hear, was witnessed by some people in Adilabad district and they got a new perspective. The plane, which was supposed to be in Ningi, boarded a lorry and traveled on the national highway. An A-320 Airbus aircraft of Tata Airlines has been moved from Hyderabad to Nagpur for repairs. In this process, the lorry came to the attention of some people on the national highway number 44.

Viral video
Crowds flocked to watch the plane fly over the lorry at the Roll Mamada toll plaza in Neredigonda mandal in Adilabad district. Seeing an airplane being transported on a lorry reminded me of the saying that ships become ships…carts become ships. Some took videos and photos with their cell phones to see if such a scene would happen again. Now that video is doing the rounds on social media.

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