A young man commits suicide because he is not getting married

A young man commits suicide because he is not getting married

Bangalore: His family came to Andhra Pradesh from a neighboring state to live in Bengaluru. There was something Sagta, and he did not have a girl. Naveen, a young man who is tired of not getting married, has committed suicide. The 31-year-old Naveen and his family had come to Bangalore from Madakashira district of Andhra Pradesh to make a living. While Audrey was still living, Naveen also worked as a Quality Checker at Garments (ITI College) in Peenya.

The young man’s left hand is low in flavor

The bride had begun to get married to Naveen, who was still a boy, but his left arm was a little short. It is said that the death of Naveen, who was in a state of disrepair, and committed suicide, that the girl was not married.

Naveen’s parents accuse the company

The company that Naveen was working in must have been harassed for work, or something is a problem with the power malfunction. His body was left behind by the garments, and he phoned us and told us that your son had acid. Thus the parents of the deceased have been accused of suspicion on the death of our son.

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The father of the deceased who was ill

The deceased Naveen’s father was still in the priestly profession, and lately his father had also suffered a health problem. It is understood that Naveen was also involved in the affair.

Naveen, who had earlier purchased petrol

Naveen, who was not married yet, had decided to commit suicide because her father had fallen ill.

Natives immediately rushed to his ESI hospital, Naveen breathed his last as he was being treated at the ESI Hospital and later shifted to Saptagiri Hospital.

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A case has been registered at the RMC Yard Police Station regarding the current incident and is investigating the death of a parent.

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