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Aamir Khan is disappointed with the closure of his boxing academy in Islamabad

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Pakistani-origin British boxer and former world champion Amir Khan expressed his disappointment at the closure of his boxing academy in Islamabad.

Britain’s youngest Olympic medalist also shared a video on social media where he also expressed his concerns.

Aamir said I came to Pakistan, initially there was an academy here, but now the kids are sending me messages saying “we don’t fight, we want to train.”

He raised the question that why there is no boxing in Pakistan? I have spoken to the authorities and the government but there is no progress on this.

Aamir Khan said, “My gym is new and clean but it is closed. Today I am in Pakistan, tomorrow I am leaving for England but I am very disappointed.”

The British boxer said, “I’m angry to see that I spent a hundred thousand dollars in the gym and this money was wasted.”

It is known that Aamir Khan inaugurated his boxing academy at Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad in 2016 with the aim of improving the skills of young boxers in Pakistan.

The aforementioned boxing academy was functional until it was vacated in 2022 by the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) for renovation.

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