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Abhishek is impatient compared to insurance company agents

Prasenjit Dasgupta, New Delhi: Congress Lok Sabha leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury compared Trinamool Congress All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee directly to insurance company agents. Abhishek met Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at 10 Janpath in Kakvor on Wednesday just ahead of the ‘Mumbai Summit’ and fueled controversy in central and state politics. Speculations have been going on throughout the day regarding the discussions between the two influential leaders of the opposition party. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, who has just been released from suspension, spoke to reporters at his official residence on South Avenue Lane in Delhi on Thursday.

Instead of the meeting on the stage of the ‘Mumbai Summit’, which was inevitable, Abhishek on Wednesday morning confronted Rahul Gandhi about what was the important issue, Adhir’s oblique comment, ‘Rahul Gandhi is an all-India leader. His time has value He may have said, he does not have time, when will it be time? Chart time! That may be why he (Abhishek) has come to visit Kakbhor.’ Adhir also said, ‘It’s like agents of life insurance companies.. People don’t want to get insurance, they are scumbags, when will I come? when will i come So give a time when no one else can be found. Rahulji gave the same time. But if someone comes, what can be done?’

Adhir today rubbished the speculations of Rahul-Abhishek meeting in Delhi and a possible clash between Congress and Trinamool at the state level in the upcoming elections. According to him, ‘I don’t know anything about what will happen in Bengal. But it is real, we are constantly bribed and tortured in Bengal. Victims of daily violence. I don’t know who met whom, what they said.’ Adhir said, ‘There can be discussions. There is no harm in discussing. Rahul Gandhi is an all India leader. Anyone can come to meet him. However, coming to discuss does not mean that since yesterday everything was reconciled in Bengal, everyone went out holding hands. In Bengal, we are victims of terrorism every day, we must not forget it.’

In this context, Adhir questioned the role of Abhishek Banerjee in handling the interrogation of ED (Enforcement Directorate) in Delhi for the first time in the past. According to him, ‘Abhishek Banerjee directly attacked the Congress after coming out of the office of the Service ED. He said, the movement does not work by tweeting. Why did he come to meet Rahul Gandhi in the early morning today? Do not interfere with morality? In fact, they wanted to surrender to Modi and live. Now you understand that it is useless. So I want to join together again In fact, ‘Didimani’ and ‘Khokababu’ are trying to maintain balance. The difference between heaven and earth between the positions of two days.’

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