Acid: Man threw acid on 14 cars for being fired! The act was caught on CCTV Pipa News

Acid: Man threw acid on 14 cars for being fired! The act was caught on CCTV

Noida: It is normal for any person to feel pain when they lose their job. If anyone is fired suddenly, they will curse the company, if they are soft-hearted, they will cry. Still some people get angry and look for other work. But here a dangerous person has vandalized the owner’s car by throwing acid on the owner’s car in anger for being fired. An incident of vandalizing expensive cars took place in Noida, and it is known that the car wash man committed this crime because he was fired.

A 25-year-old man named Ramraj, who was making a living by washing the cars of apartment residents in Sector 75, Noida, was fired for not working properly. In this anger, he destroyed 14 cars including the SUV of the residents by pouring acid on them. The scene was captured on CCTV.

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An act of revenge

The accused has been identified as Ramraj, a resident of Hardoi. He was fired from the apartment because of repeated complaints from the residents that he did not work properly. Ramraj has done this to take revenge for this. The police informed that several cars were destroyed by pouring acid.

Acid on 14 cars

“The accused was working as a car cleaner in Ramraj Society. Some residents did not like the quality of his work, so they fired him. However, he came to the society on Wednesday and damaged around 14 cars by pouring acid,” said Jitendra Singh, SHO of Noida Sector 113 Police Station.

CCTV footage

Ramraj Maxbliss was caught on CCTV cameras throwing acid on cars in the White House Society parking area. Ramraj tried to escape from the place after committing the crime. But the security guards managed to catch him. Ramraj, who belongs to Hardoi district, was caught by the security guards and handed over to the police. A case has been registered against Ramraj under Section 427 of the Indian Penal Code.

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Life imprisonment for wife who killed husband for government employee

An incident has taken place in Jharkhand where a woman has killed her own husband to act out of sympathy for her husband’s death. She killed her husband for wanting a government job and tried to pretend it was suicide by hanging her from the ceiling fan. Her act was revealed in the investigation and now the Sessions Court sentenced the woman to life imprisonment and Rs. 10,000. A fine has also been imposed. It is known that this incident took place in 2017.


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