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After Dicky Bhai’s wife, Indian actress Katrina Kaif’s deepfake video also went viral

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Mumbai (Daily Pakistan Online) Bollywood Queen Katrina Kaif has once again become a victim of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and her deepfake video has gone viral.

According to the Indian media, Katrina Kaif is one of the talented Bollywood actresses who work in different fields at the same time, like Katrina Kaif who is modeling and doing business along with acting now Giving a speech in French, in the video she talks about herself and Salman Khan’s film ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kya’ senior actress Beena Kak, in the film Bena Kak plays Salman Khan’s mother

Social media users who found the video to be real praised Katrina Kaif’s French language skills, while some users pointed out that the video is not real but artificial intelligence (AI), said the fan page of Katrina Kaif this video is from the year 2019 when Katrina and Salman Khan attended the book launch event of Bena Cock in Mumbai, in the original video the actress also talks about Bena Cock while in the fake video the same Katrina’s words But only the language was changed.

Commenting on the video, users said that AI is very dangerous, it threatens everyone from ordinary people to celebrities.

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