Agriculture: If the crop is grown with this formula.. six lakh income for the farmers..! Pipa News


Agriculture: If the crop is grown with this formula.. six lakh income for the farmers..!

Even if the times change.. even if the technology increases.. the problems of the farmers will not end. Despite the hard work of the forest.. withstanding natural calamities.. even if the crops are harvested.. there are losses due to lack of proper price in the market. Many people do not get their investment back. But the main reason for this is that all the farmers are growing more of the same traditional crops…! Most of the crops grown in Telugu states are maize, rice, cotton and chillies. But some farmers grow commercial crops with a well-planned plan and make profits in lakhs. A farmer from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur grows four crops a year and gets an income of six lakhs.

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Bhajan Lal of Bailara village, Kumher mandal, Bharatpur district, used to cultivate wheat and mustard. They do not generate much income. Because many farmers in Bharatpur grow these crops. The higher the production the lower the rate. If this is not the case… Bhajan Lal decided to grow new types of crops. He also grows four crops in a single year. That means he is cultivating four crops in total by planting two crops in the same land at the rate of two per year. Bhajan Lal’s income increased with this policy. The economic situation has also changed.

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The farmer said that first he started cultivation of gumbo in vegetables. Pesal was cultivated in the middle of it. Bhajan Lal planted two crops at the same time. After getting the crops, okra was sold for Rs. 1.5 lakhs and pesars for Rs. 35,000. After those two crops were completed…coriander and tomato were cultivated. Coriander was sold for 85 thousand. Bantu said that the tomato crop is also ready and will be taken to the market soon. 5 to 6 lakh rupees income per year. Another special thing is that no pesticides are used in crop cultivation. Only organic fertilizers are used.

After seeing the cultivation method.. now many farmers are following the same formula. By growing crops 4 times a year.. they are getting double profits. Agricultural experts suggest that farmers should never go after traditional crops and cultivate commercial crops.

(Disclaimer: This article is only given on the basis of reports, information available on the internet. Before starting this business/crop cultivation, it is advisable to do a deep study, consult relevant experts)

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