Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy advised farmers on what kind of crops to plant during monsoon season ..? – News18 Telugu

Agriculture Minister Niranjan Reddy advised farmers on what kind of crops to plant during monsoon season ..? – News18 Telugu

Monsoon-2022 Cultivation Preparatory Meeting was held in Khammam. The meeting was attended by Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy, Minister Puvada Ajay Kumar, Government Whip Rega Kantarao, Raitubandhu Samithi State President Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Agriculture Secretary Raghunandan Rao Garu, MP Nama Nageshwar Rao, Seed Development Corporation. Chairman Kondabala Koteshwar Rao, Khammam, Bhadradrikottagudem District Collectors were present. Singireddy said Telangana was the only state to have deposited Rs 50,000 crore directly in the accounts of farmers under the Raitubandhu scheme. Telangana is the only state that is paying Rs 10,000 crore for free electricity. He said the Telangana government had worked hard to strengthen agriculture to the tune of Rs 3 lakh 75 thousand crore in seven years. The Minister advised the farmers to plant Monsoon crops which are in demand.

Depending on the market demand ..

Speaking on the occasion, Singireddy said, “Khammam is famous for its diverse crops and modern cultivation. Palamur – Khammam districts were completely different 30 years ago.
Drought is common in Khammam and Adilabad districts but not throughout the state. Khammam farmers are ideal for farmers in other areas. Which crops should farmers cultivate so that they can grow crops depending on the market demand ..? What kind of seeds ..? How much fertilizer should be used? Agriculture officials should make farmers aware of these issues through farm forums.

Rs 5 lakh for farmer families ..

“We need to increase productivity in our crops.
Thematic programs should be conducted 365 days a year in the farm forums.
The Telangana government is the only government in the world to pay a premium of Rs 5 lakh to farmer families through insurance even if the farmer dies for any reason. About 80,000 farmer families in Telangana have so far benefited from farmer insurance. But some opposition leaders are campaigning that 80,000 farmers have committed suicide.

It has been criticized by some for explaining to farmers that there would be no natural disasters if the yasangi crop was harvested a month in advance.
Those who are hoping to set up a Telangana political party with the assets acquired by Ayya and go abroad are telling the news here. Do we not know what to say to our farmers who have been given farmer bond, farmer insurance, irrigation and irrigation water ..?

Paddy grain production beyond Punjab ..

The 60s are in power and say what they want to do for the farmers is do something for the farmers today. Today, Telangana, which was plagued by mere controls for rice, has surpassed the rice-producing state of Punjab in rice production.
The central government has given up on the purchase of Telangana rice grain.
The Congress and the BJP, which say they will do something in Telangana, must show courage in the states currently under their rule.

Farmers, Raitubandhu Samiti members and farm officials should work in coordination. They should work for change in the agricultural sector. Farmers should be encouraged towards the use of natural fertilizers and chemicals. Farmers should thoroughly read and follow the books provided by the farmer forums. The days when the world is waiting for the export of our agricultural products should come .. I think it will be unveiled soon.

Agricultural growth rate today is 8.1 ..

Nizamabad Collector Narayana Reddy’s life is an ideal for the youth. Worked in petrol bunks and achieved IAS. The youth should increase their respect for their work and give up their stigma. We will change the future of the agricultural sector .. He who does not love nature does not love his parents.
Agriculture is not about cultivating crops .. It is about building and reforming society, says a philosopher. We took a closer look at the plight of farmers selling wood, anthills, cattle and goda for their own needs and moved forward in the KCR-led Telangana movement. The agricultural growth rate, which was 1.8 per cent when Telangana was formed, has risen to 8.1 per cent today. ” Said.

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