Ahmedabad police in Rathyatra security emotional story

Ahmedabad: Sir, who says I don’t have heart and honesty, policemen? After all, he is also a human being. You may have heard such a line in Hindi films. But such a fact has come up against the story (Ahmedabad police). The Ahmedabad Police in Rathyatra security department, whether present at the job or not, does not compromise on the job or work and is constantly honest. If it is their turn to reconcile, they are seen reconciling with family members on happy or sad occasions. There are a number of officers or police force personnel who are always present for their duty whenever there is a large contingent and give priority to family work. Among many such stories is the inspiring story of a police officer.

The officer is none other than ACP Hitesh Dhandhalya of the 2017 batch and currently serving in the D Division. Kalupur and Shaherkotda police stations are in their area. Shaherkotda Po Stay is the home of Sarsapur Bhagwan’s uncle where the police have a big responsibility. Suddenly, in the morning, their phone rang.

A police officer with his beloved child

The phone belonged to no one else but the family members. As soon as ACP Hitesh Dhandhalya picked up the phone, he was told that his wife was to be delivered shortly.

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Circumstances were such that an immediate delivery was required, doctors said. These officers got ready immediately and happily informed their superiors and left for Bhavnagar. Ta. This is the story of June 25th. Still they were worried about the rathyatra on one side and there was no happiness on the other side as they had to build a cradle at home. He was wondering when the 200 km journey would end soon and when he would meet his wife and see the baby’s face.

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In the midst of these thoughts, the ACP rushed to the doctor and talked to him and the doctor told him that there was a problem and asked him to do a cesarean delivery and started the surgery. Just the spirit, desire and love with which hope was fulfilled by ACP Hitesh Dhandhalya. Khushi’s wait was over and the doctor said a son had been born. No problem son and his mother are healthy and good. Just Hitesh Dhandhalya breathed a sigh of relief and after spending a few hours with his wife and child, left for Ahmedabad and traveled 400 km to Ahmedabad late at night.

This story is not just about one officer. There will be many officers or policemen with whom something similar will happen and whether people believe it or not, they will have given priority to duty first. When ACP tried to talk to Hitesh Dhandhalya about the matter, he said, “This is not something to be made public.” Our police do a lot of sacrificing duty. Luckily for me, I was able to get there for a few hours and rejoin the procession. On the one hand there was stress, on the other hand there was happiness and both situations were overcome very well. No matter what my story and circumstances, there are many other policemen. Blessed are those who are not able to go like me.

Now that Hitesh Dhandhalya has been able to talk to the child and his wife through video calls, even when the time comes, they are mostly focusing on the arrangements for the rath yatra. They will not be able to visit the family for many days as Bakri Eid is still coming in the coming days but they are not dissatisfied with this. It’s a pleasure to be with the family once they can go. And they also show a sense of respect for many policemen. Thus this heartbreaking story and circumstance can prove to be an incentive for many policemen.

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