Ahmedabad woman theft mobile from police station

Ahmedabad woman theft mobile from police station

Ahmedabad: Theft cases are common in the city, but it would be a surprise if someone says that a burglary has taken place in a police station. A similar incident has taken place in a police station in Ahmedabad. In Paldi, the local police had registered a case of cricket betting on a tip-off from the State Monitoring Cell and seized the mobile phone for investigation. Police have registered a complaint against the accused for stealing a mobile phone while one of the accused was being taken away from the police station.

According to the State Monitoring Cell, Paldi Police had registered a case of cricket betting against Siddhiben Dharmikbhai Shah and her husband Dharmik Shah at Paldi Bhatta Avani apartment and seized two mobile phones from the spot.

The woman was called in for questioning

Meanwhile, the police gave notice to Siddhiben and called him at Fatehpura outpost. At that time a phone was put in charging as there was no charging. Siddhiben Shah came to the outpost with his relative and demanded his phone. Police told him to apply to the court to get the phone. This time they stole the charging phone during the conversation.

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Theft of a charging phone

The woman, identified as Siddhi Shah, hurried away after talking to the police. Police later found a charging phone. Police have registered a case against Siddhi Dharmik Shah and started investigation. It may be mentioned that there have been cases of theft in the police station in the past as well.
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Will there be any action against the police?

The negligence of the police in this case is also considered as a question whether there will be an inquiry or investigation against the policemen or officers present at that time. Police also had to take action after other agencies reported gambling. Many such questions have also been raised against the police now that such an incident has taken place.

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