Ajit Gawane | Water shortage in industrial city is BJP’s sin: Ajit Gavane Pipa News

Ajit Gawane | Water shortage in industrial city is BJP’s sin: Ajit Gavane

Pimpri : The citizens of Pimpri-Chinchwad did not face any crisis during the 15-year rule of the Nationalist Congress Party. Because as the guardian of the city, Ajit Pawar paid full attention to the better planning of the city. The BJP came to power in 2017 and due to their unplanned rule, the city dwellers faced many problems. What can be more unfortunate for the city dwellers than that despite adequate rainfall, the city is getting water supply every other day? BJP violated the fundamental rights of the citizens. Alleging that the water shortage in the city is BJP’s sin, Nationalist Congress Party’s city president Ajit Gawane said that there is no forgiveness for this sin of his.

The fifth monthly meeting of the city nationalist was concluded at Ramakrishna Mangal Office, Moshi. In this, senior leaders Bhausaheb Bhoir, Vitthal alias Nana Kate, State Spokesperson Ravikant Varpe, Prashant Shitole, Mahila City President Kavita Alhat, former corporator Mayur Kalate, Vasant Borate, Rahul Bhosle, Sunil Gavhane, Fazal Sheikh, Prashant Shitole, Sham Lande, Pankaj Bhalekar , Vinayak Ransubhe, Rajendra Jagtap, Vikrant Lande, Praveen Bhalekar, Varsha Jagtap, Satish Darekar, Prakash Somvanshi, Nirmala Mane, Vinay Shinde, Madhav Patil, Vijay Pirangute, Mahesh Japke, Lal Mohd. Chowdhary, Ganesh Sachet, Yusuf Qureshi, Akbar Mulla, Ed. Vishal Jadhav, Vishal Aher, Jyoti Nimbalkar, Sarika Pawar, Sangeeta Kokane, Kashinath Jagtap, Praveen Bhalekar, Kavita Kharade, Atish Barane, Dhananjay Bhalekar, Chandrani Lokhande, Raju Lokhande, Bhausaheb Supe, Vijay Lokhande, Dattatraya Jagtap, Shridhar Valhekar, Purnima Sonawane , Sanjay Vasarmal, Pramod Salve, Sanjay Udwant, Vishnu Shelke, Vijay Pirangute, Supriya Solpure, Uttam Alhat, Poonam Wagh etc were present.

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No one has control over the ruling BJP leaders

Speaking on the occasion, Ajit Gavane said that the Nationalist Congress Party made efforts to provide paved roads, adequate water supply, waste management, medical services, theaters for entertainment, parks and other essential civic amenities in Pimpri-Chinchwad city and The graph of urban development was kept high. However, in 2017, there was a change of power in the Municipal Corporation and the development of the city came to a standstill. No one has control over the ruling BJP leaders. Due to this the direction of development got deviated and the plight of common people started in Pimpri-Chinchwad. On this occasion, Gavhane appealed to every worker to convey the picture of the city’s development done by the Nationalist Congress Party to the public. In this meeting, topic-wise discussions were held regarding the convention to be held at Chinchwad’s Prof. Ramkrishna More Auditorium on December 8 and the program to be organized on the occasion of Sharad Pawar’s birthday on December 12, and the registration campaign for the empowerment of booth committees and members. At the beginning of this meeting, former corporator Vinayak Ransubhe proposed to pay tribute to Uttam Hirve, former president of Nationalist Congress Party slum cell and former corporator. It was approved by Vijay Lokhande.

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