ajit pawar, meteorological department gave red alert and there is not a drop of rain, Ajit Dad’s beating giving example of London – leader of opposition ajit pawar displeased with the work of the meteorological department

Mumbai: “Meteorological department has issued a red alert and there is not a single drop of rain. This is not right. When the weather department gives a red alert etc., the administration takes notice of it. After they issue a warning, holidays are given to schools, etc. But currently, the weather department has started to miss the forecast very much.” , while expressing his displeasure on the work of the Meteorological Department, the Leader of the Opposition Ajit Pawar (Ajit Pawar) lashed out in rural style.

There has been heavy rain in some parts of the state. Due to this, the farmers and the public have suffered a huge financial loss. Catching the same issue, Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar, in the meantime, read the wrong forecast of the Meteorological Department. In the press conference which lasted for almost half an hour, he lashed out at the state government on various issues.

“Currently, the forecast of the Meteorological Department has become a very big issue. Ten days ago, the Meteorological Department issued a red alert and there was not a single drop of rain. To give an example, Pune Pimpri Chinchwad was warned of rain, but it did not rain. The District Collector gave holidays to schools. Anxiety increased. If we go abroad to London, the weather forecast warns that it will rain on the relevant day, at the relevant time. At the same time, people come out with umbrellas. I mean, how accurate… and see how our weather forecast works. Ajit Pawar expressed his displeasure by saying that he does not want to insult anyone.

Ajit Pawar: Declare wet drought in state; Ajit Pawar’s demand to the Chief Minister
Ajit Pawar also said, “Everyone expects to get an accurate weather forecast, but that is not happening. We are going to raise this issue in the legislature”.

Declare wet drought in the state

Ajit Pawar has demanded to declare wet drought in Maharashtra. In this regard, Ajit Pawar has sent a letter to Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. In this letter, Ajit Pawar has demanded that the state government should convene a special session to discuss the farmers’ issues. Farmers’ crops and seeds have been washed away due to heavy rains in the past few days. Also, more than 100 people have died in the state so far due to heavy rains. Therefore, in this situation, Ajit Dad has demanded that the government should declare wet drought in the state.


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