Alex Murdoff sentencing live updates: Disgraced SC lawyer gets life in prison Pipa News

Alex Murdoff sentencing live updates: Disgraced SC lawyer gets life in prison

Before sentencing him to life in prison, Judge Clifton Newman said, “This has probably been one of the most troubling cases, not only for me as a judge, for the state, for the defense team, but for all This community for the citizens, all the citizens of this state.”

“A man from a respected family who has controlled justice in this community for over a century. A man whose grandfather’s portrait was hanging behind the courthouse that I had to order removed to ensure that the state And fair trial by both the defendants,” he said.

To the convicted attorney, Newman said, “As a member of the legal community and a well-known member of the legal community, you have practiced law before me, and we have seen each other on various occasions over the years. And It was especially heartbreaking for me to see you go from being a grieving father in the media to being a man who lost a wife and a son, accused and convicted of murder.

The judge said, “I know you must have seen Paul and Maggie during the night when you are trying to sleep.” “I’m sure they’ll come and see you.”

“This case qualifies under our capital punishment law,” the judge said. “I absolutely do not question the state’s decision not to pursue the death penalty. But as I sit here in this courtroom and look at the many pictures of judges and other court officials, and consider the fact I am sure that over the past century, including you, your family, have been prosecuting people in this courtroom, and many have received the death penalty, perhaps for lesser conduct. … The question is when will this end. ? When will this end? And it is already over. The jury, because they have concluded that you continued to lie and lied during your testimony.”


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