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Ali Zafar is socially criticized for wearing nail paint

Lahore: Zafar Brothers are always ahead in terms of their sense of style. They are experimenting with different looks and creating new trends. Recently, Daniel Zafar dyed his hair burgundy and debuted his new look on social media. On top of that, she received a lot of criticism and trolls, and her new decision was not received well by her fans. Ali Zafar, his elder brother and a famous rocker, supported him and agreed that traditional notions of masculinity needed to be questioned.

Now, he has taken on a more attractive look. For one performance, Ali Zafar painted her nails a deep shade of black. Sporting a pretty jacket and some black nails, she posted a picture of her rock star getup on social media. Ali Zafar kept his hair natural and added a lot of bronze to his skin.

However, internet users are not too pleased with Ali’s outfit choice, and have started posting both humorous and serious comments about her. Many expressed their displeasure at what he had done by citing Ahadith. Ali handled it well and also replied to many comments made on his pictures.

“You establish your identity. No other person,” on the post, he commented.

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