All eyes on Chandrayaan-3: Special pooja at various places in Gujarat for successful launch Pipa News


All eyes on Chandrayaan-3: Special pooja at various places in Gujarat for successful launch

  • Pujas were offered for successful landing in the Shiva temples of Ahmedabad
  • Kutchi prayed for the success of Chandrayaan-3
  • Students of Vidyakunj School in Surat start praying for a successful landing

ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 will make a successful landing on the moon at around 6 pm today. After many attempts today ISRO is going to achieve great success. Today, after the hard work of many scientists, they are getting special fruits. The entire country is praying today for the success of ISRO’s hard work, and at the same time, prayers are being performed in many temples for the country to get great success, and special arrangements have been made for success in Kutch and Surat as well. Special pooja is done in Shiva temples in Ahmedabad.

The world’s eyes are on Chandrayaan-3

Prayers are being offered across the country for the successful launch of Chandrayaan-3 today. A pooja has been offered for a successful landing in Shiva Mandir in Ahmedabad. Special decorations have been made in the temple for the successful Chandrayaan. The temple is decorated and worshiped with various post flags of Chandrayaan.

Chandrayaan-3 built by Kutchis in Nairobi

In Nairobi, Kutch, the people of Kutch have prayed for the success of Chandrayaan-3. Performed pooja-recitals at Nairobi Swaminarayan Temple.

Surat: School students ready for Chandrayaan landing

Earlier Gayatri Yajna was performed for the success of Chandrayaan-3 and today prayers are held for Chandrayaan. It was launched by ISRO from Harikota in Andhra Pradesh. With the landing today, India will increase the pride of the country in the world. The prayer was started by the students of Surat’s Vidyakunj School. Vighnaharta Ganeshji and Sankat Mochan Hanumanji were prayed.

AMC also special planning for Chandrayaan-3

Talking about Ahmedabad, AMC has also made special preparations in Ahmedabad. As many as 126 LED screens have been installed in different areas. In which the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 will be broadcasted live. So instructions have been given by UGC to arrange live telecast of Chandrayaan 3 in universities, colleges of the city as well. Apart from this, all universities-colleges have been instructed by the UGC to make arrangements so that students can watch the landing of Chandrayaan 3. So today live telecast will be shown to the students in the auditorium or hall in the university.

Organized program at Science City

Apart from this, various programs have been organized in Science City today. In which children’s drawing competition will be held, Chandrayaan-3 will be presented, experts will tell about the Moon mission and its challenges. In the evening, live streaming of Chandrayaan-3 landing will also be shown. ISRO will also broadcast live on YouTube channel and Facebook page.