All the iconic and mind-blowing moments from the unforgettable Eurovision

All the iconic and mind-blowing moments from the unforgettable Eurovision

The Subwoofer Band, representing Norway, performs during the Grand Final show of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. (Daniel Venturelli/WireImage)

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest and best events in the television calendar, and it is also one of the funniest and most prestigious.

The contest also provoked some hilarious reactions on social media, with Eurovision fans taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on who is the best, who is the worst, and who should go home already.

Needless to say, the 2022 contest has delivered in spades.

We take a look at some of the funniest and most iconic moments from the Eurovision Song Contest, from the bits that made people cry to the ones that just made them laugh.

1. Europe is obsessed with Norway’s entry

Norway’s Subwoofer provided all manner of wackiness at Eurovision with the song “Give That Wolf a Banana”, and Twitter was completely obsessed.

The group created a storm on social media with their very pale, very strange performance of a song that clearly makes no sense.

2. Menskin wasn’t afraid to joke He Moments from last year’s Eurovision

If you’ve seen the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, you probably remember the moment it looked like menskin frontman Damiano David was taking illegal drugs on live television.

The singer was seen leaning closer to the table in front of him, and social media is increasingly fueling speculation that he is snorting cocaine. He later vehemently denied that he had done anything like that – and he was not afraid to joke when Menaskin returned for the 2022 competition.

Asked if he has any advice for this year’s Eurovision contestants, David said: “Have fun and don’t go too close to the table.”

The response on Twitter was priceless.

3. Everyone is confused by all the ballads

When you think of Eurovision, you probably think of camp, with its emphasis on pop music – but not so much in the 2022 contest. We get it Europe, everyone is sad, and it’s officially the year of the ballads.

Some people are loving it, of course — but others wondered where all the bops and bangers were.

4. Everyone was impressed by the performance of Ukraine

It would be hard not to feel anything when the Kalash Orchestra of Ukraine took to the stage to perform their song “Stefania”. The song has taken on a whole new meaning since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, a war that has resulted in untold death and destruction.

There were emotional scenes at the arena in Turin, Italy, when the group performed their song, which is about the frontman’s mother.

5. Micah’s medley cools everyone

Micah is one of the hosts at this year’s Eurovision, but it was when he took to the stage to perform a medley of some of his songs that fans really shattered.

The powerful performance was fearlessly queued and reminded the world of some of Micah’s biggest hits. Naturally, Twitter was in love.

Those were just a small selection of some of the best moments from the contest – Twitter proved that as the night goes on, there are plenty of people sharing hilarious and iconic memes.

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