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Always remember these small things while lighting a lamp in the temple, wishes come true

New Delhi, October 04 : Divya has a unique importance in the worship of all deities in Hinduism. Lighting a lamp in worship is considered auspicious and holy. Diva is a symbol of positivity and brightness. The importance of lighting a lamp has also been mentioned in the scriptures. After lighting a lamp, the light emitted from it removes the darkness in our life. However, the scriptures also state the rules for lighting a lamp, which must be followed otherwise the deities become angry, negative energy can reside in the house. Let’s know some important rules related to lighting. Benefits of lighting a lamp – According to Pandit Indramani Ghanshyal, there is a rule in Shastra to light a lamp in any auspicious function. It is auspicious to light a lamp during worship of deities, Havan, Pathan or any auspicious event. Lighting a lamp not only removes the darkness of life but also removes the negative energy in the house. According to the rules of Shastra, by lighting a lamp, the troubles in life are removed. All kinds of architectural defects are removed and happiness and prosperity are brought to the house. Rules for placing a lamp – According to astrology, the lamp should always be placed in the right place. A lamp should always be kept in front of the idol of God in the temple. If the lamp is made of ghee, it should be placed on the left side. At the same time, the oil lamp should be kept on the right side. Always use red wick in oil lamp. Also, cotton wick should be used in ghee lamp.

The lamp should not be placed in the west direction in the place of worship. This can lead to financial problems. A broken lamp should not be used in worship. This leads to poverty in the home. A lamp should be lit at the main door every evening in the house. This brings positive energy into the house and brings happiness and prosperity. Read this – Sri Krishna’s Raaslila still goes on here at night; Watchers become mad, Harpat Bhan (Note: The information given here is based on religious beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. News 18 Lokmat does not guarantee it.)

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