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Amazon resolves account deactivation of Pakistani sellers

Automated account deactivation difficulties have been handled by Amazon for sellers around the world, including Pakistan. Amazon notified sellers that their accounts would no longer be deleted without their consent, but that they were still required to correctly implement account health rules.

For sellers around the world, Amazon’s introduction of a new “Account Health Rating” policy is welcome news. As per the above policy, Sellers must maintain an Account Health Rating of at least 250; However, if it drops below that level, sellers are given an additional 10 days to raise their ratings.

According to Amazon, sellers’ accounts will not be deleted immediately if they drop below the required health rating. Instead, they will only receive an email warning, and if they still don’t comply with Amazon’s requirements, their accounts will be deactivated.

Amazon hopes that by introducing this policy, it will not only relax seller requirements and regulations but also restore trust lost by growing economic anxiety and weak sales growth.

With the same goal of “doing more with less” as other tech giants like Meta, Spotify, Twitters, etc., Amazon started laying off employees in its devices sector on the same day the news broke.

The United States and Canada are now the only countries with the new account health rating policy in place; However, additional nations would soon follow suit. We will probably have to wait till next year, while the exact date of its implementation in Pakistan is unknown.

It is important to note that in August this year, Amazon terminated 13,000 accounts in Pakistan and designated Mian Chanu and Sahiwal in Punjab as “red zones” for fraud. There was evidence of deception among sellers operating in these areas.

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