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Amir Dogar among 10 PTI workers arrested in Multan

Amir Dogar among 10 PTI workers arrested in Multan. At least 10 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers were arrested from party leader Amir Dogar’s dera (private visitors’ house) in Multan after police allegedly created chaos outside an Election Commission office. The place was raided to nab the party workers involved in the act. Pakistan’s (ECP) soon after a scuffle with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers.

The former PTI MNA, who was present at the time of the raid, demanded that he be arrested along with party workers.

Dogar, who was not arrested as it was believed that he was not involved in the rioting outside the ECP office, told the police, “If my workers are detained, I will also go with you.”

Law enforcers complied, and the arrested men were taken to a police station in Canton. Furthermore, the Election Organizing Authority also stated that it had not requested Dogar’s arrest.

Soon after the arrest, PTI leader Farooq Habib took to Twitter to condemn the arrest saying, “Strongly condemn the arrest of Amir Dogar in Multan. PDM [Pakistan Democratic Movement] The dirty tricks should stop and Aamir Dogar should be released immediately.


On Wednesday (today), which was the last day for filing nomination papers for NA 155 and NA 156, PTI leader Dogar and PML-N leader Sheikh Tariq Rasheed reached the ECP office at the same time.

As soon as both were submitting their respective documents, workers from both sides started making scathing statements against the leaders of the other side. The verbal dispute soon turned into a fight with pottery and a scuffle broke out.

During the incident, seven people were injured, and all of them belonged to the PML-N. Six injured were given treatment on the spot.

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Soon after the clash, the RPO and CPO reached the spot and the culprits were identified through the security footage and videos taken by the cameraperson on the spot.

It also stated that the matter was being investigated at the behest of the ECP, who had lodged a complaint regarding the incident.

According to the police, the footage seen so far showed that PTI workers were more aggressive, due to which Dogar’s tent was raided.

At the time of arrest, the police told Dogar that they did not want to arrest him, but were forced to on his insistence.

The police also reiterated that the footage is being examined and so far Dogar has not been found guilty of any provocation. Therefore, his arrest was not needed or sought.

This was prompted by Dogar’s insistence that he be taken along with his workers. In fact, the police said: “It seems that senior leaders from both sides were trying to break up the fight. However, the workers were too agitated and refused to pay attention.”


ECP Commissioner Multan Salim Khan said the investigation into the incident would be “free from bias” and those responsible would be held accountable.

The CPO supported the claim and said that the ECP’s request was not against any party but against activists of both on the grounds of fighting, vandalizing and destroying public property.

He clarified, β€œIt will be probed as to what allegation can be made against the instigators and only then cases will be registered and probed.”

After the ECP appealed to the police regarding the riot, the police raided Dogar’s tent with a huge contingent.

The CPO said that the ECP had requested security for the day and asked to take measures.

In order to avoid conflicts in the matter of scrutiny starting tomorrow, one candidate is called at a time.


About 100 people had come with Dogar and Rashid, out of which more than 10 have been arrested so far.

In response to a question whether more raids and arrests were forthcoming, the police said that the raid on Dogar’s tent was conducted only on the basis of information that the perpetrators of the clash were present there.

“As soon as we get information about other accused involved in the attack, more raids will be conducted and we will arrest more criminals – irrespective of party affiliation,” the police said.

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