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About 45,000 young men and women were given engagement letters at Khanaparat in Assam district on Thursday. Home Minister Amit Shah applauded the large engagement mela organized by Charkar and Charkarkhanak led by Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma. Applause to the allies of the circle

Attending the event, Home Minister Amit Shah said, “BJP is a party that has fulfilled its electoral promises.” During the presentation by Himanta Vishwa Sharma, there was a lot of discussion in our discussion room. Moi Sudhikhilon Himanta Biswak, 86 thousand is exactly what will happen to the remaining 14 thousand? Himanta Biswa Sharmai kaiche aha six months remaining engagement will also be done.

Home Minister Shahe Loge said, “Prime Minister Modi is trying to calm Assam. Modern Bagibil Dalang has been built and given unequaled gifts Akou jetiya mai ahim tetialai nikhanat diya this it this promise will be fulfilled. In the previous circle, he had made arrangements through his humanitarian work. But BJP has given employment based on two merits Sarvananda Sonowal and Etiya Himanta Biswa Sharma were the first to develop Ashant Asamak. It will be necessary to help the poor who get the benefit of the service. There was a Congress circle in the past, the turbulent times of the Congress were uneven and peaceful.

On this occasion, the Congress attack was aimed at L’le Home Minister Shaheed. Inauguration ceremony of the Congress building, witness said, “The Congress party and its allies have boycotted the inauguration of the Parliament building. The Congress is trying to insult the country.” But Chhattisgarh Congress Chhonya Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi did Bhumipujan and the Governor was not appointed. Jharkhand has appointed Hemant Choren as the Governor Asamto Tarun Gogoi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu Congress did not invite the freed Governor to the Assembly building. Everything done by Congress is right, BJP does it in a blink of an eye. Even if the Congress party is excluded, there is not one The blessings of the people of the entire country are with Narendra Modi.