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Amit Shah’s claim of ‘no development’ in Tamil Nadu is completely wrong

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Tamil Nadu is a huge manufacturing hub, often surpassing the larger states of North India. According to official figures, only 2 percent are poor here, compared to 12 percent in Gujarat, 23 percent in UP and 34 percent in Bihar.

Amit Shah (Image courtesy: Facebook)

New Delhi: Targeting the state’s ruling DMK and the AIADMK, which was once part of its alliance, during the Madurai election campaign in Tamil Nadu last week, BJP leader and Home Minister Amit Shah said both party ensures that there is no ‘Vikas’ in Tamil Nadu.

According to the report, Amit Shah has reportedly asked the people of the state to know the insults committed by both the parties and send them back in this election. He said that Modi has taken the country on the path of development, so make Modi the Prime Minister for the third time.

Although Amit Shah’s statements are completely different from the facts…

in one; Tamil Nadu is one of the largest manufacturing regions in India.

According to the Statistics Ministry’s Annual Survey of Industries, there will be 39,512 factories in FY 2022, the highest in India.

two; As part of the so-called global ‘China +1’ strategy, India hopes to establish itself as an alternative manufacturing destination for multinational companies, which could also be acquired by the US.

Analysts say Tamil Nadu is a major hub for India’s electronics manufacturing services sector.

The Apple/iPhone factories that Modi is bragging about are in Tamil Nadu. In December 2023, Tata reportedly plans to build one of India’s largest iPhone assembly plants in Hauser, Tamil Nadu.

Bloomberg cited sources as saying the plant will employ 50,000 people within two years.

three; Earlier this year there were messages on social media that UP has ‘overtaken’ Tamil Nadu’s growth rate, the political issue is that UP is the new emerging hub. Adityanath is seen everywhere as the BJP’s chief propagandist.

But former finance minister and now IT minister of Tamil Nadu P Tyag Rajan said, ‘Two decades ago, Uttar Pradesh’s economy was 19 percent bigger than Tamil Nadu’s (2004-2005) and remains bigger. until 2013-2014. It is second only to Tamil Nadu since the beginning of the ‘good old days’, and recently accounts for 95.48% of Tamil Nadu’s economy (2022–2023).

four; The poverty figures in South India, especially Tamil Nadu, are very different compared to states that have consistently voted for the BJP.

According to NITI Aayog, 2.2 percent of Tamil Nadu’s population is poor. In Gujarat, where Modi has been prime minister for more than 12 years and the BJP has been in power since the 1990s, the poor are 11.66 percent.

33.8 percent of Bihar, 22.9 percent of Uttar Pradesh and 20.6 percent of Madhya Pradesh are poor.

five; The annual survey of industries recently revealed that Tamil Nadu has recorded the highest share of women in the factory workforce in over two decades. Tamil Nadu accounts for 42 percent of the total female manufacturing workforce in India by 2021-2022. This was a time when the inclusion of women in the workforce was a major issue in India.

six; In terms of the Human Development Index or HDI, Tamil Nadu ranks 11th in India with a score of 0.686 in 2021. It has risen five places from 1990, when it was ranked 16th. with a score of 0.475.

BJP leaders are skeptical in Tamil Nadu. This is because the BJP has not yet come to power here, where, in fact, the ‘Vikas’ and development as well as the social and social cohesion index figures top the Indian charts.

And indeed, scholars also know this about Tamil Nadu and other southern states, which have consistently recorded high growth, integration and healthy numbers, and where the BJP has won in a landslide. .

It will be recalled that the first round of voting will take place on Friday (April 19) to elect its Lok Sabha representatives in the 39 parliamentary seats of Tamil Nadu.

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